With the application and the MESITT © device, everyone will be present
All demonstrations of affection will be reflected on the screen and will be collected in the In Memorial book. Request the version you prefer: digital, classic or customized.
How to do it?
It is very easy and instantaneous. There are two options. You can enter the web page:

mesitt entra en la web

This is the option indicated for all those who will not be able to attend the funeral or go to the funeral home. They only have to access the web page and choose which demonstration of affection they want to send.
Place the mobile on the NFC tag of the MESITT device that will be installed inside and outside the assigned room.

From the web page access to the gestures that best represent you and help you overcome the moment. From asking for flowers to lighting a candle, going through writing a shared special memory and signing it or a condolence. You can also send photos or request the In Memorial book where all the demonstration of affection that are the testimony of a unique moment are collected.

Cutting-edge technology to help you overcome the most difficult moments

Write condolences:
Write what you feel and sign your condolence.

Share memories:
Treasure those unique moments that you have spent together. Write them down and sign them so that they remain forever.


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To send a photo:
Make present that moment of happiness together.

enviar fotos

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Order flowers:
You can order flowers from here. There is a wide range of bouquets and wreaths so you can choose what you need.

Virtual flowers:
Your request in the form of a flower will appear on the screen of the device and will be reflected in the book In memorial.

messit envia flores virtuales

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Light a candle:
You can choose from a varied cast of candles and compositions

Mesitt muestra videos de velas encendidas

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Dedicate a song:
The device has a repertoire of classical music to accompany (with volume control on one side) and also  in addition, the application allows you to dedicate other songs that will be reflected in the book In Memorial.

Permite escuchar una cancion

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Participate with a donation:
From the application you can contribute financially.

Donacion para los gastos

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Request the book In Memorial
that will collect all these testimonies of affection.

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Corporate video

Access the corporate video that shows how to interact with the Mesitt © system.

All the people who participate in the funeral, have the opportunity to register their feelings and offerings to the beloved one, free and permanent, in the Mesitt © system and later in the In Memorial book.

Descargar catálogo

Download the information brochure with the commercial offer for Spain in pdf.

All these demonstrations of affection are reflected in the books In memorial. You can request them in three models:

Digital book

Classic book

Custom Book

Reminder Booklet