Mesitt © tv, is a hardware that shows the information of the funeral home rooms and burial itinerary.
The mesitt © tv device connects to your tv in the hall or waiting room. It uses the information we register for our mesitt © system and displays it on the screen.

The software and hardware of our mesitt © tv shows on your tv all the information of the deceased who is in each room, with its photograph, for a faster search by the people who visit the funeral home.

The screen is customized for your company, showing the logo that you provide us.

Mesitt © tv shows sequentially, information of each deceased that is in each room individually. Showing all the information of interest for visitors:

  • Schedule of the wake and room.
  • Schedule and place of the prayer for the dead or mass.
  • Schedule and place of cremation.
  • Schedule and place of Burial.

It also has display of the photographs that we introduce in the system, where you can put:


  • Messages for your visitors.
  • Photographs of the models of flowers and wreaths that they commercialize.
  • Photographs of the funeral home or the services it provides.
  • Or any image that you consider of interest